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SAN SOFTWARE successfully implemented significant projects for the corporate customers, offering end to end networking solution and maintenance of Hybrid Networks. Our experts work closely with the customer to tailor solutions that meet their specific needs.

SAN SOFTWARE provides a complete solution proposal including

Server and Computer Hardware Management

• Computer requirement analysis
• Hardware procurement ,Installation and Commissioning
• Software Installation and Licensing for both Windows and Linux
• Recommended & Suggested Software Installation
• System updating and Configuration
• Server configuration
• Database storage sizing and Configuration
• User Account Controlling(UAC)

Security Services

• Router Configuration
• Firewall Configuration and Licensing
• Inbound and outbound Connection Monitoring
• Antivirus Installation, configuration , licensing and Updation

Networking Integration Services

• Corporate LAN/WAN solutions
• Network design and Sizing
• Network Integration Services for wide area, data centre, campus and local area networks with security
• Intranet Chat installation
• Internet security solutions

Integration with other equipments

• Biometric/RFID timing and attendance control system incorporation
• CCTV security services
• CCTV monitoring
• Projector commissioning
• Door access control


Support and Maintenance

• AMC for all Server, Computer and Network
• Taking Care of Under warranty issues

Moreover, we implement the solution as per the time frame prescribed by the client and maintain our quality of service through trained personnel and support centers.

Hybrid Networks improve application behaviour over a wide area network (WAN), by leveraging the strength of an integrated unified architecture. These multi-carrier networks deliver optimal price, performance and network availability.

San Software excels in the integration and implementation of hybrid networks, combining the best-of-breed technologies and engages with the customer site-by-site to create solutions tailored to specific needs.

Many customers want to utilize latest technologies such as Voice over IP and Multimedia conferencing, however many legacy networks have limited support for rich media. However, with hybrid networks we can converge data, voice and video applications into a single network

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