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Our strength is our kinematic high-powered team. Their youthful spirit in achieving the unique excellence drives a passion to work for a professional output. By saying this San Software is a working proof of professionalism and quality because its success is shown in the stenciled left behind trails by their clients and their work.

This zeal has created a work culture where every employee is determined to be in the team and to tread towards dedicated professionalism in a fun loving environment.


As we examined our company’s performance we came across several analyses which put a spotlight on our delayed time constraints. The time constraint has not been very consistent but we also realized that this is due to the expectation of accuracy in each task. We have been giving more importance to quality and accuracy of a project. Nevertheless San Software has stepped ahead to resolve the consistency in time constraints by giving complete attention to detail from the initial stages of a project.

Another factor is our sales channels. By saying this we mean international sales channels. Our company though has gained strong base and sound technological growth in India; it is still in its baby form when evolving in to International markets. We strive to achieve strong power in sales channels and working on it in our current and future strategies.


As an individual or as an organization our “learning” never stops. More as the saying goes ” …and miles to go before I sleep , and miles to go before I sleep”. San Software considers every obstacle as an opportunity. This we preach and practice with the employees. By saying this, our weakness falls as our opportunities. Since we realized our weaknesses,- Time factors / sales channels – those are our opportunities for further learning and further growth.

Our past work serves as our major opportunities too. Our past work speaks our quality, our past clients creates our competitive advantage in the market. We showcase our existing and past work to create more opportunities. This serves as a marketing tool along with building good client relationship.

Consumers evolving changes are also our opportunities. Customers needs changes constantly and evolves in to a new technological trend where the clients are always inclined to keep their traditional way of practicing but also want to integrate with the new technological trend. This analysis has shed light on our opportunity to give more integrated compound combinations.

San Software’s initial thoughts were not to look back. In this regard we mean, we were focused in what we give and how we give. Nonetheless we have started to look back only to have an over view of our performance and to analyze where our expertise and where we lack. By having these analyses we were able to see our competitors and to what measure we have created a difference. From this analysis our competitors also have become our opportunities.


San Software does have a major threat. Since our strength is our Intellectual Human Capital, losing such strength is a compelling threat. Hence we strive to train our new and existing employees with such Intellectual properties. Our prime importance is in having knowledge transfer from one employee to the other on a daily basis. We have relevant training sessions monitored and structured. Such training and knowledge transfer to employees is a perfect example that proves our strength – Intellectual human capital to be true.

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