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Online Educational Management System

SANEMS is an Education Management Software system that will provide you a bird’s eye view of the functioning of the entire educational institution. It is a management information system helps to manage the different processes in a educational institution like General Administration, Staff Management, Academics, Student Management, Finance & Parent Relationship. The information is made available at your fingertips using the latest technologies and help’s to make decision making a lot faster, effective and easier than ever before. Also helps to improve the overall quality of education of the institution.

After had a survey with International/CBSE/Matriculation Schools and with Senior Principals,Top Level School Managements SAN SOFTWARE provides a One-Touch Solutions for Educational Management System to reduce the customer’s workload and man power and monitor the records life time


Dashboard Manage[Category, Group, Course, Subject]
Students Management Staff Management
Designation Management Sales Returns
Vat & Taxes Auditing
Billing System Payroll
Inventory Library
Accounts Reports
Roles & Permissions Hostel
Vehicle Exam hall sheet and allotment


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