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Why 3dart?

With already millions of websites and online stores out there, for your business rising to the top can seem like an impossible challenge. There's so much to learn and keep track of, from search engine optimization and inventory management, to customer relations.In order to have the greatest chance of reaching success, you need 3dcart a reliable, centralized platform from which to run your store with the tools to handle every potential issue that arises along the way.


Default Spree storefront : Spree comes with a fully functional storefront that fits well with most use cases and provides a nice, mobile friendly experience. It may be tweaked as any Rails & Bootstrap application.

Beautiful decoupled storefront : Spree may be easily customized with an on-brand, custom storefront built in React, Angular or Vue, as a separate app speaking to the backend engine using REST API V2.

Native mobile apps : Spree may very well serve as an Ecommerce engine and admin dashboard for native mobile apps on iOS or Android, talking to them using modern Storefront REST API V2.

Mobile First Experience

RWD : Spree uses Bootstrap, a responsive, mobile-first component library for quick prototyping with prebuilt components and powerful plugins. Bootstrap 4 support coming soon!

Re-usable components : With the right approach you may be able to simplify development and maintenance of your web store and online apps by using the same components. Such a time saver!

PWA : Spree works well with a custom, progressive frontend – blazing fast, app-like storefront, always up to date, working even with a very poor mobile connection or offline.

Experience Personalization

Product recommendations : Suggest products matching individual user’s interests. Go for simple Spree recommended products or apply advanced analytics and machine learning with 3rd parties.

Personal relevance : Fine-tune product listings or search results to surface items with healthy profit margins or display products relevant for an individual user based on their shopping history.

Wishlists : Monetize the power of wishlists. Send out promo offers for wishlist products, alert users about products coming back in stock or share wishlists with other users for gift shopping..

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