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More and more humans are ordering food online rather than cooking in their home. The only way to exploit this perpetual fad for smoothness and succour is by having your own food delivery app, So stop thinking and Get get your own swiggy clone today. As we’re beholding a constant surge in the concentration of food orders, every restaurants and food outlets out there better own one and join the herd of classic cloud kitchens.

Search By Category : The Customer can choose an individual category by making extensive use of the formidable search engine and find out the local Restaurant Vendor for your service..

CONTROL PAGE : Search your what you're craving for and order it without having to look through everything.

INSTANT SEARCH : The installation, upload, and configuration of the said app along with its database, services on Google Play store and iOS AppStore will be done free of charge.

FAVOURITES : Mark your favourite items onto this page and find them easily to keep ordering it over and over again..

PRODUCT PAGE : Get to know more about a particular dish, details about the provider and other user reviews.

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