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Can I use SAN POS if I have multiple stores/shops?

Yes SAN Cloud POS helps to manage your multi store business at your HO

Run all your retail sales in SAN POS, the leading web based point of sale for your multi store business,Suitable for Grocery,Clothing,Foot Wears,Restaurants,Opticals or any retail chainstores

Multi Store Management Software

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Simple and online solution to manage all your multiple retail stores in single point.Multi store pos will makes you stress free work


Retail Chain Management Centralized Price List Management
Bar Code Label Designs Bar Code Printing
Purchase & Supplier Management Purchase Returns
Sales Invoice Sales Returns
Manage Warehouses Manage Outlets
Stock Request to HO Branch Transfer
Vat & Taxes Auditing
Accounts Profit & Losss
Customized REPORTS Sales,Stock,Invoice,Margins,etc…

Chain store or retail chain are retail outlets that share a brand and central management, and usually have standardized business methods and practices.

In retail and restaurant and many service categories, chain businesses have come to dominate the market in many parts of the world.

A franchise retail establishment is one form of chain store. In 2004 the world’s largest retail chain, Wal-Mart, became the world’s largest corporation based on gross sales

Restaurant Chain

A restaurant chain is a set of related restaurants in many different locations that are either under shared corporate ownership or franchising agreements.

Typically, the restaurants within a chain are built to a standard format through architectural prototype development and offer a standard menu and/or services.

Restaurant chains are often found near highways, shopping malls and tourist areas.

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