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Handyman Availability Toggle : A handyman can make their availability simple with the availability toggle and choose to treat Customers within your free hours.

Handyman Profile : Customers can view the detailed profile of the concerned Handyman’s years of experience, specialties, visiting fees and the nearest radius of the Handyman with ease.

Schedule Appointment : Customers can book an appointment with the nearest Handyman for any type of services required for the Customer anytime they need. They can also cancel the booking without any hassles.

Push Notifications : Customers who have booked the services of the Handyman will receive details of the Handyman and vice versa.

Payment Integration : You can choose to pay for integrated payment with your Debit or Credit cards that will be automatically deducted from your cards.

Geolocation : With Geolocation services, the parents and the TaskRabbit Clone App can find each other on maps and their location with ease.

Search By Specialist : The Customer can choose a specialist by making extensive use of the formidable search engine and find out the required special handyman for your service.


God's Eye View : Track your requested Handyman till he/she reach your destination with Geolocation services.

Book And Cancel Appointments : The Customer can book and cancel appointments with the same ease and without any hassles.

Bill Estimation : The app automatically calculates the final bill for the Customer taking many factors into consideration like the handyman fee, distance to be covered, etc.

Installation Of App : The installation, upload, and configuration of the said app along with its database, services on Google Play store and iOS AppStore will be done free of charge.

Advanced Analytics : Establish a seamless platform between the customer and deliverer activities such as the number of requests, numbers of bookings, commissions earned most visited location and much more.

Advanced Reports : With advanced reports, you can check out where the areas that need more marketing to increase your commission. It also gives you a clear-cut idea of planning your business.

Accept/ Reject Request : The taskrabbit can accept or reject requests based on their own availability. If they are committed to another parent's request they can reject the request and another provider may take it up.


Verified Providers : Any service availed by you will have certified and verified providers by the company. Verified providers will assure the reliability of getting the service done..

Lifetime License : We provide you with a lifetime license for your brand or domain and we provide you with the renewed license with only one payment.

Responsive Web Panel : Book a service with few click on responsive searches and easy to book without any hassles or confusions to customers.

Profile Setup : Customers and service providers can create their profile and other information with ease and set up their profile.

OTP Verification : The service provider and the customer alike gets authenticated by our apps. An SMS notification containing the OTP will be sent to their registered number which in turn eliminates the fake users and requests.

Referral Earnings And Friends Invite : Customers can invite out their friends to try out the service and increase your customer base. The customers can earn a set small percent of referral with the number of friends they have invited.

Heat View In Admin : The admin can see where the customers are looking for a taskrabbit in certain locations so that the admin can reroute the taskrabbit to those locations and pick up requests.

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